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On Thursday, December 6th our blogging class had a workshop for small business people. My dad came to this event. Me and my best friend, Kenzie… go cheack out her blog, anyways we gave a presentation about how to find other blogs to help your business.

what I’m loving so much about blogging is sharing with other people about my fashion photography advice.


Shout out!🎉

So hey guys, here lately I’ve been reading this blog. It’s really cool it has different bloggers from different people, and these are a lot of famous blogs. They are just bloggers but kinda like in a squad. This site really cool to look at because it helps me with this blog.

I love reading there blogs while I’m creating these blogs, they give me a lot of inspiration in what I’m writing.



For Halloween there is TO MUCH things you can take pictures of. Since I like fashion photography I’m going to be focusing more on costumes and maybe where you should take a picture for each costume.


This costume is scary so you probably want to take this picture with bark lighting, maybe a fog machine, angle you can do it low and have the person in the costume look right at the camera so it look creepy.


This costume is a group costume so you probably want to take this picture with a lot of lighting, and maybe inside or outside by a pool, the pool will be a great background for you’re picture.

This is what I think you should do for pictures for Halloween.


Lighting and Angle

Lighting and angles are very important. They are important because if you can’t get the right angle and/or lighting your picture can turn out very bad.D98E00D5-26D1-4753-A9C5-8760E2CC64B8

In this picture you see this girl. This girl is getting an angle. She is doing this so she can make the picture better.73B5503C-D2CA-4531-B72B-70A7A98C67C3

This picture shows a ring light. Ring lights help you with lighting. Getting the perfect lighting. You can buy this to help you with Beauty videos. Or just pictures in general.




Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, it’s Ashlyn. I want to tell you about tips and tricks of lighting and taking the perfect picture for fashion photography.

You can use some bright colors in front a white background and big bright lights. Some things i like to do for this skill is wear a bright yellow shirt, a jean jacket, and a bright royal blue skirt.

If you’re going for a more sporty look you probably want to stand outside to get the colors to pop because sometimes when you’re wearing more of a sporty outfit there is going to be less colors. You will probably want plants behind you and the sun blaring down on you.

How you can make a good fast picture look perfect.. you probably will be taking this picture as a “selfie” angle. Every picture you want to have good lighting. Some of these “selfie” picture’s you want to have the background be neat and beautiful. Your background will complement you and your picture.

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